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2016 Summary of Art :icon7repose:7Repose 57 15 JJBA - Smile (Traditional) :icon7repose:7Repose 231 20 Zen [Mystic Messenger] :iconnotaheroofjustice:notaheroofjustice 6 0 More V Cosplay :iconnotaheroofjustice:notaheroofjustice 2 0 707 :iconnotaheroofjustice:notaheroofjustice 3 0 Kakyoin Noriaki :iconnotaheroofjustice:notaheroofjustice 1 0
Back Home [Guido Mista]
There was no way that you wouldn’t have grown used to your goof of a boyfriend coming home appearing nothing as he did before he left. Regardless of if it was him being injured, covered in some substance, or just whatever other possible event that could happen to him; Mista was known at this point for turning up back home in some rather odd states. Of course today was no exception to this rule.
Mista came home, calling out down towards the room where you were. You stopped your work, standing up and taking a moment to stretch before going out to give your boyfriend a kiss. That was until you came within about a meter’s range of him and immediately backed up. Mista took note of your reaction, a bit shocked. “Hm? Is something wrong, (Y/n)?”
“Yeah, is there any particular reason why you smell like you just crawled through the sewers?”
Silence. Then nervous laughter from Mista’s end. “Well, you see there’s a funny story about that-
:iconnotaheroofjustice:notaheroofjustice 1 0
Old Art vs Current Art :iconnotaheroofjustice:notaheroofjustice 4 6 GioGio Christmas Icon :iconnotaheroofjustice:notaheroofjustice 2 0
Love Hurts [Bruno Buccellati]
You were never the type to listen. That was something everyone around you knew. So when you got a deadbeat boyfriend that literally everyone knew was bad news, it wasn’t too much of a surprise when you casually brushed off their statements of how he was no good. “People change,” you told them all, refusing to accept their claims of the truth.
There was not a doubt in your mind that he was a great guy. Yet you couldn’t seem to fathom why not a single other soul would agree with how you thought. Not even Bruno, the one you were closest to, would let the idea that he wasn’t a terrible person slip into his head. Despite this, that only appeared to fuel your goal to prove to them all that they were wrong. Perhaps it was that goal that even further blinded you from the truth. Perhaps that is what landed you in the situation you were in.
“Wait… What?”
Your brain could not seem to comprehend the words you were hearing come from the man you loved&
:iconnotaheroofjustice:notaheroofjustice 3 2
Nyotalia: France and England 2 :iconamapolchen:Amapolchen 1,260 54 Tavros ~ Low Blood :icon3dmcwolfie:3DmcWolfie 2 2 Sollux ~ Red and Blue :icon3dmcwolfie:3DmcWolfie 2 0 Ratonhnhake:ton :icon3dmcwolfie:3DmcWolfie 1 0
Yuya Fungami X Reader: Loyalty
    Yuya Fungami… He was a really old, but really good friend. Or, at least that’s how you remembered him to be. Both of you were really close as kids, growing up together like the best of friends. In young adulthood though, you ended up losing contact with him after he got into that motorcycle accident. His fangirls that always watched him bike crowded his hospital room at all hours of the day, viciously driving you out every time you got near the room he was in. You couldn’t even see if the person you’ve been close to for so long was okay, because possessive and spastic women kept you from doing so.
    The whole incident made you salty, so you gave up trying to see him for a while to focus on your job and stay financially stable. Recently though, you received a huge bonus from your boss, and even a promotion to the manager of the place you worked at. This filled you to the brim with happiness and confidence, and convinced yo
:iconsheeriridescence:SheerIridescence 11 2


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My feelings about people that draw sexy stuff successfully:dat ASS by DamaiMikazFUUUUUUU! Those mad anatomy drawing skills T__T
I have decided to start writing JJBA x readers. Whoo....? I might change my mind. Don't get your hopes up if I'm not the dream writer y'all have been looking for, but request away because I have no life.
JJBA x reader ?
Whoa I'm actually going to post something! (Don't expect much though because I'm a highschooler that barely knows how to write an essay)
I might start writing fanfiction and I'm not sure if I should or not. I would probably only write for JJBA and Fire Emblem. Those are the only two things I'd feel comfortable writing about


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United States
Jojo's bizarre adventure is life and i also love anime, Warrior cats and many more weird things. I've started writing JJBA x readers if you want to request something I'm open


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